Sleepy Hollow is your place for year round fun!

Fall 2022

Fall will soon be here, and along with it, Ren Faire!

Join us for three weekends starting Labor Day to experience Iowa’s only permanent Renaissance Village! From jousting through interactive Highland Games, exciting musical acts, and a dash or two of meade this experience will be fun for the whole family (including your pets).

Haunted Scream Park

The midwest's largest and most elaborate Halloween Theme Park. Features 10+ haunted attractions that are sure the scare the YELL out of you.

Operated by Scary Ventures LLC

Renaissance Faire Park

Iowa's only permanent Renaissance Village. Home to the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow as well as RAD and Spring Fling.

Operated by Faire Ventures LLC

Summer Scare

Sleepy Hollow is launching a new summer scare event July 16, 2022.

Operated by Scary Ventures LLC

State Fair Camping

We offer camping during the Iowa State Fair! Free shuttles, hot showers, and real restrooms are all included with your registration.


Sleepy Hollow is located at 4051 Dean Avenue in Des Moines. Our facility is about 1 mile east of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. During our larger events like the Renaissance Faire and Haunted Scream park additional signage and staff will make finding a parking spot easy.